Marianne Wren/ Director

Marianne Wren

Marianne Wren/ Director

My Role

I tend to look after residential projects and mixed use developments that come into the office with my background  in these fields but I also dip in retail design especially small shops which I enjoy equally because  you can let your creative imagination run free and also because of  their very fast track programme, you can see the end product more quickly. 

I love seeing a project evolve from conception to final construction stage and going through the design progress or changes required to make it happen from a paper drawing to a real brick and mortar building, even though some design features or ideas have not been materialised due to cost constraints and client changes.

My Past

Prior to joining Wren Architecture and Design in August 2011, I have  worked in the office and residential sectors for over 20 years. I was an Associate and Head of Housing at Curl La Tourelle Architects. Prior to that I held the position of Senior Designer at Sidell Gibson & Partnership. I always try to  combine my experience of residential design and mixed developments with my interest in Sustainability and Modern Methods of Construction. Previous major projects prior to joining Wren Architecture include social housing block at New Providence Wharf in the docklands with SOM, mixed use developments at Gateway House in Finchley and Burnt Oak Broadway in Brent.

Why I work in Architecture and Design

Architecture for me is about place making - creating an exciting and inspiring environment whether is it an office, a home, a school or a retail space where people can feel good to be in and wish to stay for a while and to come back to visit again. The design of a space needs to be original and memorable not only in terms of its location but also for the people who use it. It is important for architects  and designers to have a detailed understanding of how the physical fabric of buildings and spaces can be created by innovative, engaging and collaborative processes with its users as much as possible.

What I love

I love living in a big city such as London or Paris, to be able to go to lots of art exhibitions, gigs and concerts. Living near Hampstead is great as it allows long nice walks on the heath  although my favourite walks are in the South of France - Languedoc area, among the vineyards with the  neighbour's beautiful dog.

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