Shopfront Designs - Whitefriargate Hull

Whitefriargate is the historic High Street of Hull. 60% of the buildings are Grade 2 or Grade 2* Listed and the area, including Silver Street and Hepworths Arcade, has been declared a Heritage Action Zone opening access to funds administered by the city council and Historic England. 

We have developed over 30 concepts for shopfronts or typologies appropriate to the variety of host buildings. These range from from late 18th century Georgian town houses to 1930’s Art Deco retail flagships. Proposals were informed by research into each street and each building, tracking changes to the appearance of the buildings as a result of alterations to the shopfronts and making reference to relevant historic typologies.

Consideration has also been given to the future vision of the street (see Whitefriargate Masterplan) as a community of diverse uses and the need for the shopfronts to accommodate functional flexibility. Once implemented, proposals will restore the connection between the upper floors and the street. The sketches and hand drawings were chosen for presentation as they communicate the atmosphere we want to convey.

Grants are available  from the Humber High Street Challenge Fund for the replacement or repair of shopfronts adopting the principles of the concept designs for each block or individual building.

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