Lanark Road, Maida Vale

We are pleased to achieve the completion of this 1 Bed 2 Person apartment on a very tight site in Maida Vale, north London. The unit was created out of redundant ground floor space at the rear of a corner shop and the small unused courtyard behind. Planning permission was finally granted at appeal for the change of use and rear extension.

A new entrance from the street above opens on to a raised external terrace and front door to apartment sitting at half basement level below. In addition to acting as a private buffer space from the street the external terrace also accommodates bikes and refuse store. The front door opens on to a landing and stair leading to the living space below

Living spaces are arranged in and L shape around a small courtyard that serves as an additional external room and the main source of daylight to the living space and bedroom. Additional daylight filters down the stair well from the entrance lobby. The kitchen and bathroom/laundry room are arranged at the back of the site allowing the living spaces to optimise the daylight. The bedroom has an additional ensuite shower room and fitted cupboards along one wall. Spare volume beneath the stair is optimised for additional storage space to allow the residents to maximise the use of the living space.

The final result has transformed an ugly, redundant courtyard into a high quality enclosed but airy apartment protected from the hustle and bustle of the city above.

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