Josh Power/ Architectural Assistant

Josh Power/ Architectural Assistant

My Role

I joined Wren at the beginning of May 2019 as a Part II Architectural Assistant. I currently assist the Directors and Senior Architects with various Retail, Commercial and Renovation projects.


My Past 


Prior to completing my Part II in June 2018 from the Portsmouth School of Architecture, I worked predominately on high-end private residential projects and small residential developments across London and Essex. My thesis for my Part II qualification focused on defining how architecture and policy can enforce and encourage the innate connection and associations people hold for place.


Why I Work in Architecture and Design


Pursuing what I found enjoyable and what I was passionate about, I eventually found myself studying Architecture and I haven’t looked back! The potential for Architecture and design to positively affect how people live and engage with their surroundings continues to inspire me and is something I am proud to be a part of.


What I Love


I love reading and film, but when I do venture outside I can be found exploring new places or visiting museums. At the weekend I enjoy a good impromptu game of tennis or football with friends and boring them with a quick detour to admire some local architecture.


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