Luisa Rodriguez/ Architectural Assistant

Luisa Rodriguez/ Architectural Assistant


My Role
I am an Architectural Assistant here at Wren, helping develop projects through 3d modelling, producing drawings for tender and presentations.

My Past
Originally from Honduras, where I got my degree in Architecture, I’ve lived in many countries seeking to broaden my knowledge and professional experience in architecture and fine arts. Before I came to London, I worked as a Junior Architect on both corporate and housing developments in Honduras, as well as a museum research assistant in Florence.

Why I work in Architecture and Design
I’m driven by materials and the manipulation of these in order to create. I was interested in the arts since an early age and recognized later on that architecture is the most concrete of them all. My interests in architecture lie in the areas of sustainability and adaptive reuse.

What I love
I love both architecture and fine arts equally, with urban exploration and art shows keeping me busy most of the time. However, when I’m not doing these, I enjoy films, music, outdoors sports, and a good conversation.


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