Pier-Luigi Cavedine/ Senior Architect

Pier-Luigi Cavedine/ Senior Architect


My Role

As a senior architect, I am involved in all aspects of the project. Working closely with the directors, I supervise the more technical aspects of the project, coordinating consultants and liaising with contractors and clients.


My Past

My experience is in the retail and leisure sector, with a thorough understanding of the operational side. The size of the projects I have worked on previously go from intricate detailing for luxury brands, to a masterplan for one of the largest shopping malls in Qatar. I have also worked on a few pop-ups and concept stores, where fresh ideas need to be fast paced.


Why I work in Architecture and Design

I have always been intrigued by how many solutions you can find to respond to any problems within a project, and enjoy the process of finding the most suitable approach. I really like being able to work on the smallest and finest detail, discretely adding quality to the building. Unexpected challenges on site spice the whole thing up and make it a lot more fun! 


What I Love

I love being in the mountains; whether it be climbing, skiing, hiking or camping. I love cooking and eating good food (with a decent glass of wine), whilst also exploring new cuisines and restaurants.


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