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Creative Responses to Zombie High Streets - an open Discussion Panel




We find ourselves increasingly engaged in the task of repurposing the ugly or unloved buildings constructed in the latter half of the

20th century. Some of these were built for retail, some for entertainment and some were public buildings –but all are being abandoned by a society that has moved on.

Through a combination of research and project work we are developing a number of potential solutions for the creative reuse of buildings that are still structurally sound although functionally redundant – uses such as affordable town centre residential, creative workspace, community cinemas, food halls in repurposed space are all under development or being implemented



Raw is Beautiful

Alongside this, the collective aesthetic trends towards the post-industrial raw, the unembellished, the impure, the repair, the patina of use, the spontaneous, all of which is informing the spaces we create. Space is not seen as something that needs to be designed but rather as a host for events and experiences which come and go, changing the meaning of spaces as they do so, like set designs, like exhibition rooms….



Meanwhile the relentless march of technology changes the way we live, work, shop, play, move, communicate and relate to each other and our environment….

This is an open invitation to participate in a 60 minute discussion panel at our studio in Kentish Town with some of our clients and collaborators. We have 6 places available on a first come first served basis – all that is required is a point of view and a desire to share.

panellists to include:

Sam Neophytou  Art House Cinemas

Walter Menteth                  Architect

Carmel Keren                     Researcher at the RCA

Alex O’Kane                        Retail Designer

Jeremy Thornton                Manager of Architecture at John Lewis Partnership

Gary Lewis                          Managing Director - Moorgarth Ltd

Jessie Lea                             Senior Programme Manager – Catford Town Centre Regeneration

Preston Benson                   Really Local Group


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Report - Creative Responses to Zombie High Streets


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