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    Our craving for authentic might yet help revive the High Street

  • 2/Zombie Malls and what to do with them

    A vision of how to transform todays liabilities into tomorrows assets

  • 3/Community Shopping Centres - Case Study 2

    The second case study looks at the regeneration and repositioning of a traditional 20th century town centre shopping centre, restoring it as a heartbeat of the community of Bolton

  • 4/Community Shopping Centres - Case Study 1

    With the internet changing the way in which people shop, the traditional town centre mall is having to redefine a role as more community focussed. East is the UK's first purpose built boutique Asian shopping mall bedded in the heart of east London

  • 5/The case against pedestrianising Oxford Street

    Pedestrianisation of Oxford St would have a devastating effect on the neighbouring streets and communities of Oxford St. The street has been a transport thoroughfare since Roman times. The problem is defining its transport role for modern times